Pause Fest

The last one out, turning out the lights. Well done @getDigital, @PauseFest has been awesome. #Pause2016 #legend
Who is willing not to be normal? It will require being uncomfortable at times. // My thoughts as I leave @PauseFest
Day two of #AusPostTweetFund has begun! Stay tuned for today's pitches coming at you from @PauseFest.
"People feel better if you give a sh*t about them" @jimilaw @envato #peoplepower #HR #happiness #businessday #PauseDiscover #Pause2016
"Advertising is dead...long live the idea"-Lain Nealie from @google Zoo #Pause2016
The Grid. You've probably heard of it. It's a new form of website design, currently still in development, whose big selling point is that it uses artificial intelligence to both design and decide the hierarchy of content on the website. It's been running seemingly endless advertising for nearly a year, with countless banner ads and...
Join us at @PauseFest today with @portableandrew, @wetheexplainers, @jongold from @thegrid, @kat_hello and local innovators. #pause2016.

Great start to Tech Day at @PauseFest hearing from a panel of women leading the digital game #Pause2016 #womenintech
@jongold from @thegrid frightening the pants off designers. How AI is evolving in our industry... #Pause2016 #pausediscover

@MOO is building their MOOzaik. Please take a postcard and send it to yourself next year. #creative #pause2016
"Dump somebody". Finbar O'Hanlon delivers the best piece of advice of the day @PauseFest #Pause2016